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Cards To Your Heart


D                               Dadd9 D  Dadd9 
Huh, well, the music is coming to an end 
D                          Dadd9 D   
I fell for you and the love pretend 
   Dadd9  D                   
You know, I smelled the truth 
              Dadd9 D  Dadd9 
But tonight my instinct 
D                         Dadd9  D         
I left the city, my family, my precinct 

               Dadd9 D                  Dadd9 
And I'm looking at liberty, good belief 
D                         Dadd9 
Revolution, new obsession 
D                    Dadd9 
Ideas, like new years 
And good things are growing wings 
With hope and dope and charity 

I ain't being disarmed like this 
I don't seek your foolish kiss 
This is feeling victory 
And I won't tell you what I see 
   D    Dadd9 D Dadd9  
No more,       
    A   F#m 
No more 

D                               Dadd9 
Don't think it up, feel this time 
D                            Dadd9 
You've got to trust in someone 
Drop your guard and make love 
            F#m                   D  Dadd9 
Don't play cards to your heart now 
                                  A F#m D 
Don't play cards to your heart now 

(same base as verse 1) 
Stop, yell, make a noise that's for all of us 
Don't think revenge is a path to happiness 
For the real link to enlightenment is forgiveness 
For under the sun we are better and warmer together 



Let the sun breathe in 
Let the oceans wave 
    Dadd9 D 
Let the trees rise up 
               Dadd9  A 
Let all my love come pay 
Drive away 

I'll be a by stander 
An innocent man 
Out of a nightmare 
Back into my heart 
All of the reds 
    Dadd9   A                         F#m 
Drop your guard and make love, love! 

D                         Dadd9 
Revolution, new obsession 
D                Dadd9 
Ideas, new years 
Good things are growing wings 
             F#m    D Dadd9 
Hope, dope, charity 

D                                    A 
Don't play your cards to your heart now 

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