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A Voice In The Louvre

(Konstantin Gropper)

	  Intro: Em 

verse 1 
Em       C    G 
Are we orphans? 
Em   D          G 
A   forgotten kind? 
Em         C    G 
Learn to see now 
Em      D      G 
Take it all inside 

verse 2 same as verse 1 

There's the smell now 
Others will become 
fear and mysery 
indoform and fries 

C D Em deep in the swarm G Hold on mother C Em D to these shaky hands C D Em in open waters G save me, father C Em D from the rising flood
verse 3 same as verse 1 and 2 then one morning we are stil... still what? ancient torso urging us to change
deep in the swarm Hold on mother to these shaky hands in open waters save me, father from the rising flood
OUTRO I have no idea about that well if only I wasn't so afraid

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