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Why Baby Why Teclado

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Why Baby Why

Áño: 2004 - Álbum: 50 Years of Hits

	           (As performed by George Jones)   (1955) 
G C Tell me why baby, why baby, why baby why G D G You make me cry baby, cry baby, cry baby C Lord, I can't help but love you 'til the day that I die G D G So tell me, why baby, why baby, why baby why
D Well I got a crow I wanna pick with you C G Just like last time when the feathers flew D You're runnin' wild kickin' up your heels C D G A-leavin' me home with a hand full of bills D Lord, I can't live without you and you know it's true C G But there's no livin' with you so what'll I do D I'm goin' honky tonkin', get as tight as I can C D G And maybe by then you'll 'preciate a good man Repeat Chorus D Well, now I don't know, but I've heard say C G That ever' little dog is a-gonna have his day D You'd better pay attention, don't you dare forget C D G 'Cause I'm just a little bitty puppy yet D Well, I caught you honky tonkin' with my best friend C G The thing to do was leave you, but I should'a left then D Now I'm too old to leave you, but I still get sore C D G When you come home a-feelin' for the knob on the door Repeat Chorus

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