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Shes My Mother Teclado

George Jones



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Shes My Mother

C                        F 
I'm thinking of a little lady 
    C                        G7 
She bears her load without a friend 
    C                       F 
The one who rocked me in my cradle 
    C           G7                 C 
And through the years she loves me yet 

The roses on her cheeks have faded 
    C                         G7 
And when they pass her on the street 
      C                          F 
Would break my heart to see them mock her 
  C          G7               C 
Although she may not dress so neat 

    F                     C 
She was the first to ever love me 
    F        C              G7 
The first to hold me to her breast 
    F                         C 
God bless her cause she is my mother 
                  G7               C 
And she'll be the last one I'll forget 

Her way may seem a bit old fashioned 
    C                           G7 
And some may laugh when passing by 
    C                       F 
I'm not ashamed to call her mother 
   C        G7           C 
My love for her I'll not deny 

Repeat #3 

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