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Love Is All We Need Teclado

George Jones



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Love Is All We Need

C                                    F                 C 
Well just across the street from our little three room shack 
                       G7          C 
There's a mansion that reaches the sky 
                                  F                  C 
With at least a dozen rooms and a great big swimming pool 
                   G7              C 
Two sport cars and three long Cadillac's 

F                             C 
And the only thing I own is a broken down old Ford 
Half the time it won't even start 
C                                    F           C 
But you're won't hear us fighting at four in the morning 
                 G7                 C 
Calling names to break each other's hearts 

So they can have it we don't need it 
Let them keep it and call it their own 
C                           F               C 
Living that kind of life is not for you and me 
                G7             C 
We got love and love is all we need 

                                 F               C 
I've never tired of wearing that same old shaggy dress 
One I bought down at the dollar store 
C                                        F                  C 
Well if I watch every dime I spend and I save every stamp I can 
                    G7            C 
Just get the things I know we can afford 

F                     C 
And every afternoon I sit upon the porch 
Watch them as they pass through those gates 
C                              F          C 
I may wonder what it's like to be a fancy lady 
                    G7          C 
But I always have a smile on my face 

Repeat #3 

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