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Love Coming Down Teclado

George Jones



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Love Coming Down

I remember how your eyes used to light up 
Bb                   Gm 
Over promises that I made 
But for the first time in my life I know now 
       Bb    C      F 
How it feels to be afraid 

F                     Bb        F 
I don't know what I'd do if you go away 
                                  Bb   Gm 
This would sure be one lonely old town 
     Bb        C          Am        Bb 
For a man's so busy going up in the world 
        Gm                        C 
That he couldn't see love coming down 
C7          F    Bb  F 
Love coming down 

I remember all the times you told me 
Love's all that matters to you 
And looking back now, wondering how I believed 
I had things more important to do 

I can see how I must have looked to you 
Like some fool on a merry-go-round 
And that a man's so busy going up in the world 
That he couldn't see love going down 
Love going down 

C                                  Bb 
Can't you see how everything I've learned 
              C7            F     C 
Would just be wasted if you leave me 
If you just give one more try 
  C7                                 F    C 
I swear I'll always be here when you need me 

If you can find it in your heart to forgive me 
I'll try to keep both my feet on the ground 
But if a man's so busy going up in the world 
That he couldn't see love coming down 
Love coming down 

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