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Lions Den

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Yes me bredda  
Badmind we pass  
And the righteous ago last  
And stick to your task  
Nuh badda live too fast  


The righteous Jah defend  
Like how him rescue daniel from the lion's den  
A lot of blessings he send  
Enough for me my enemies and all my friends  

Flesh is vanity and takes uh round the ben  
But my soul can't be pulluted by the hands of men  
And tha longer that we live her in this ya strange land?  
Profets haffi speak and people overstand  
Practice what you preach and keeper of my brother  
Can't say one thing and then you do the other  
Be beware of your speech one language or another  
Genuine the love like a baby to a mother  


Zion train nuh wait so yuh betta be early  
When you reach the gate majestic and pearly  
All cleanhearted from round the worlly  
Conscience is your ticket make sure seh yuh can earny  
No shiny armour will never take yuh there  
Your heart and your thoughts yuh must prepare  
Of wolfs and leaopards we must be aware  
But the trust ina the almighty god knows no fear  


Open your eyes and see  
You got the will to be  
Will yuh chose controversy  
Or fulfill your destiny  
Tell me humanity  
What it is gonna be  
Joy in the century  
Or bones in the cemetery  


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