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The Panther Teclado

Gene Clark

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The Panther

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	  G  (w\ riff) 
Born on the Mississippi river by the middle hobo jungle 
A gypsy angel at the age of seven learned how to hustle 
Fifteen years and no harvest moon 
Then Evangelene when she was doin' the tune 
            Am      F                G 
And she's a panther runnin' from the hunter 
      Am       F                    G 
And a gypsy violin turns her into a dancer, into a dancer 
Drive downtown where her grandfather sits upon his porch swin 
He plays a Cajun fiddle while he does the jig around a jug of whiskey 
Said "... don't take a ride with that silk shirt man  
He'll end up doin' you wrong ... Evangelene ..." 
Now he's a hunter, and you should be a panther 
You gotta run through the moonlight down by the river he can't catch her 
C                           Em7  
But the rain came on Sunday mornin' as she walked out the door 
C						     G 
Down the dirt path to the church on the corner by the river 
F                              Em                             F 
She saw the man standing there who asked her out for a little ride  
To his home, there on the Mississippi 
Captain James don't you think I'm a little bit young now 
I could learn to wear a gambler's suit ... I could put you out 
Want to see the streets of New Orleans 
You'll be the number one Malado queen 
He turned this hunter into a panther 
When he asked the question  she didn't have an answer 
He was a hunter and she became a panther 
In the pale moon, river bed he's never gonna catch her 
He's the hunter ... she's the panther 
Her father's from the only money ... and I'm gonna meet him down there 
This "House of the Rising Sun" ... I want to get away from here 
You're a panther ... I'm a hunter ... 
by: José Duarte 
[email protected] 


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