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Perfect Couple


Intro:  F  E 

F#m                        E              A       D        
 they were the perfect couple they'd always lock lips 
he gave her his heart, he said don't drop this 
Db                       D 
she looked him in the eye and said I promise you, 
I'll replace it with mine and it's not gonna move 
                             E                   F#m 
He'd always ditch his friends he put their love first 
                  D                    E 
but as he found out, that's when love hurts 
Db               D                       Db 
she wasn't faithful always out creepin' round 
and she was never really there whenever he'd be down 
               E                     F#m 
but he never caught on he was caught up 
                D                            A 
cause growin' up he was never really taught love 
           Db                             D 
his old man always did his mum the wrong way 
and whenever they'd fight, he'd let a song play 
F#m            E                               D 
  so he told himself "fuck it I'll be different" 
                                D                       A 
but little did he know that by doin' that he'd be distant 
                     Db                               C 
'cause his girl was always goin' out and getting high 
but he loved her too much that he let it slide 
                 D                                 F#m 
he didn't understand why she would always make it hard 
               D                             A 
but he never spoke up so they could make it last 
             Db                                  D 
and over time you could see it start to take a toll 
it's like she got a kick outta tryna break his soul 
                       E                         D 
but still he soldiered on puttin' on that brave face 
               D                                  A 
until the night he saw her gettin' with his best mate 
                Db                               D 
his stomach dropped as his chest started caving in 

she gave his mate the same looks that she gave to him 
he didn't say a word, he just turned around 
 D                                                            A 
'cause every bridge they'd ever built, she'd just burned 'em down 
he sent a suttle text not knowin' what's comin' next 
all he thought about was tyin' that rope round his neck 
               E                       F#m 
he sat in his room talkin' to his walls like, 
                 D                             A 
"no-one will miss me I'm sure that they'll be alright 
               Db                     Dbm 
I mean look at me, I can't even find hope", 
C                        F#m                 E 
 just before he stepped off and tied the rope 
           Dbm                           F#m 
an hour passes, no-body knows that he's gone 
                     C                        F#m 
he's tensed up all white with a note in his palm 
             Eb                                 F#m 
his girlfriend walks in and drops to the floor,  
                     Dbm                F#m 
but the note in his hand can not be ignored 
                  Db                      D 
tears runnin' down her face and her make up, 
 D                                 Db 
the first three words she read were "I hate love" 
D                      Ab                   D 
 I saw everything I saw the look in your eye 
                   Dbm                           E 
but in a way it's alright 'cause we're born to die 
tell mum and dad that I'm sorry that it came to this 
but I can't go on because I hate this shit 
           Db                                 D 
I hate the way you can do everything you please 
and deep down you know I gave you everything you need 
         E                                 F#m 
all the memories we made start to fade to black 
        D                                    A 
and I know just like you I can't take this back 
        Db                              Abm 
I also wrote you a song it's in your tapedeck 
and when we fucked I just wished it was safe sex 
        E                                D     
'cause I saw the positive on the stick you hid 
but for all I know the kid could be his 
                Db                            D 
so don't try and say I'm the one that fucked up 
                          C                    F#m 
and I know your hearts breaking and it sucks huh? 
                 E                            F#m 
this is it though I'm runnin' out of time to write 
          D                                      A 
but I'm goin' cause I felt like the time was right 
                   Db                              D 
and you should know that my very last thought was you 
and there's pictures on my bed that I was sortin' through 
      E                                  F#m 
I just wish when it came to us you would try 
but this is it baby, 

Outro: Db        F#m              Db 

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