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Cosmic Vibrations

(Sam France/Jonathan Rado)

	  Same chords for most of the song.  
when they play it acoustic rado plays Em-Emadd9 back and forth. 
And I typed out the lyrics myself so hopefully they are somewhat accurate.  

Em D A 
I don't know, can't decide 
Should I widow, should I take a life? 
I don't know, whose in my mind 
Haven't been down there since 35 

If you want me, you can have me 
You can have me, but I'm all used up 
In the sun, in the sunlight laughing 
3D vision 

Look at me, look at you 
See the sunlight on the ocean 
In my head, then the waves 
Whistle and your hair blows away 
I put my mind into the ocean 
I haven't been down there for many long years 
Tropical fruit, mystery caves sail stones 
All books come from minutes so young  
Lovely red raincoat 
If you want me, you can have me 
You can have me but I'm all used up 
In sun, in the sunlight laughing 
Cosmic vibrations 
Love is the answer 

G D A 
But where must we go again?  
Where do we come from? 

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