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Peaceful Habor Teclado

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Peaceful Habor

Intro 1x Song Theme 

Em D G C 
Em D G C C 
Em D G C Em D G G 

verse 1 

Em     D      G 
Born into the wind  
G            C 
It makes its way  
       G            D   C                                  
To the lost and the hollow  
Em     D     G 
Life begins again  
Sometimes we lead 
         G  D  C    
Sometimes we follow  
F        Am     Dm 
Where we do not know  
   Am      Bb 
No sky can hold  
   Dm       C  Bb 
No wind, no border  
    F         Am       Dm 
The wind will fill the sails  
    Am       Bb         F        C   G 
And push you through to peaceful harbor 

Song Theme (see Intro) 1x 

verse 2 

Em         D        G  
Love, like Heaven's wind  
No eye can see 
       G            D   C  
How it blows in the darkness 
Em       D          G 
Fear get freeze our steps 
             C        G            D    C 
Loss and regret, every scar turning scarlet 
F       Am        Dm  
Help to set your course  
        Am        Bb       Dm      C Bb 
Through sightless days and violent waters  
F         Am         Dm 
Love will fill your sails  
    Am        Bb          F        C  G 
And bring you through, to peaceful harbor 

Solo with Song Theme 2 x 

verse 3 

Em         D      G   
Chase this rising wind 
anchor released  
        G  D  C 
No want of landing 
Em     D    G  
All in deep despair 
Come feel the air 
       G    D  C  
In its full finale 
    F        Am       Dm  
And yes, the chase is on 
      Am  Bb  
I'll look beyond  
         Dm     C      Bb 
With the bedlam behind me  
    F         Am  Dm     
And I embrace the sky  
   Am        Bb 
My soul will cry 
     F                   C    G   
May your wind ever find me  

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