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Wake The Dead

(Russ-T Cobb/Nathan Currin/Derek Mount/Jacob Olds/Joshua Olds/Solomon Olds)


verse 1: 

I got opposition every single day 
E                          E7                     Am 
You always want the same things done the same old way 

Funny how you always think you're always right 
     E                                 E7                                                            
Who died and made you God, and did it happen overnight 


Don't dance like that anymore 
Don't wear those clothes anymore 
       E7                F 
Don't take that stance anymore 

Turn it down, do what you're told 
         E                      E7 
If it's too loud, well then you must be too old 

Am Wake up the dead now E E7 Make 'em roll in their graves now Am Shakey shake up the dead now F Rising up from the ground E7 Wake 'em up, shake 'em down
verse 2: Am You like to watch and judge my life up on the screen E E7 Am You figured out what goes on behind the scenes Got a rumor that you want to show and tell E E7 Nobody's gonna buy the lie you're trying to sell Pre-Chorus F Don't talk like that anymore E Don't speak your mind anymore E7 F Don't think those thoughts anymore Turn it down, do what you're told E E7 If it's too loud, well then you must be too old Chorus Bridge: F E E7 F Wake up you sleepy heads get out of bed E E7 F If we make some noise we'll wake the dead E E7 F Make 'em roll in their graves when they hear this sound E Raise 'em up from the ground, turn 'em upside down Chorus

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