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My Coloring Book

( Fred Ebb and John Kander)

Intro: Verse  

      E              C#m7               F#m7            B7  
For those who fancy coloring books and lots of people do  
A9      B7           A     A7M  E                                            
Here's a new one for you  
   E           C#m7               F#m7           B7  
A most unusual coloring book, the kind you never see  
F#m7          B7          F#m7     B7     E  
Crayons ready,  very well   begin to color me  

E               A          E           B7          E      E7M    F#m7  
These are the eyes that watched him as he walked away  
B7           E     F#m G#m F#m E7  
Color them gray  
E            A            E              B7        E     E+7    F#m7  
This is the heart that thought he would always be true  
B7        E     F#m E7  
Color it blue  

Bridge one  
Bm5-/7          A          A7M         A6  
These are the arms that held him and touched him  
      A7M         A   A7M  A6 A         G#m7   C#9  
Then lost him somehow       color them empty now  
C7            A      E       B7           E     E7M   F#m7  
This is the dress I wore til she came between   
B7         E     F#m  E7  
Color it green 

Bridge two  
Bm5-/7        A      A7M          A6          A7M   
This is the room I sleep in and walk in and weep in   
     A       A7M         A6  A7M A       G#m     C#9  
And hide in that nobody sees      color it lonely please  
C7           A        E       B7      E    E7M   F#m7  
This is the man, the one I depended upon   
B7              E     F#m G#m F#m E  
Color him       gone 

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