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Lodi Teclado

Emmylou Harris



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Just about a year ago 
  Ab             Eb 
I set out on the road 
Eb         Eb/D     Cm 
seekin' my fame and fortune 
Ab                   Bb 
lookin' for a pot of gold 
Eb         Eb/D    Cm 
Things got bad and things got worse 
  Ab                   Eb 
I guess you  know the tune 
         Bb                Ab    Eb 
Oh Lord, stuck in  Lodi  again 
I came in on a Greyhound 
        Ab               Eb 
I'll be walkin' out if I go 
Eb         Eb/D    Cm 
I was just passin' through 
        Ab              Bb 
Must be seven months or more 
Eb         Eb/D     Cm 
Ran out of time and money 
   Ab                      Eb 
It looks like they took my friends 
Eb        Bb               Ab    Eb 
Oh, Lord, stuck in  Lodi  again 

Well The man from the magazine 
   Ab               Eb 
He said I was on my way 
Eb          Eb/D     Cm 
Somewhere I lost connection and 
Ab                  Bb 
Ran out of songs to play 
  Eb        Eb/D      Cm 
I came into town on a one-night stand 
Ab                       Eb 
Looks like my plans fell through 
Eb        Bb            Ab    Eb 
Oh, Lord, stuck in Lodi again 
If I only had a dollar 
    Ab              Eb 
For every song I've sung 
And every time I've had to play 
      Ab               Bb 
While people sat there drunk 
    Eb                 Cm 
You know I'd catch the next train 
Ab              Eb 
Back to where I live 
Eb        Bb             Ab  Eb 
Oh, Lord, stuck in  Lodi again 
Eb        Bb             Ab   Eb 
Oh, Lord, Stuck in  Lodi again 
Eb      Bb            Ab    Eb 
Oh lord stuck in Lodi again 

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