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Rock Of Ages Teclado

Dustin Kensrue



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Rock Of Ages


verse 1              
        G       G C      G  
Rock of ages, cleft for me                       
        G      G C      G  
Let me hide myself in thee             
         C              G  
Let the water and the blood                
          C                  G  
From thy wounded side which flowed                      
       G       G C    G  
Be of sin the double cure                   
            G        D       G  
Save from wrath and make me pure 

verse 2  
Not the labors of my hands  
Can fulfill the laws commands  
Should my passion never fade  
And my efforts all be weighed  
All for sin could not atone  
You must save and you alone 

       Em    G  
Rock of ages 
        C          G 
No one takes your life 
         C                 G 
Yet you died that I might live 
         C               Em  
Costly grace you freely give 
        C   G  
Rock of ages 
          Am        Em  
You have paid the price 
           C             G 
You were cleft to cover me 
        C               G   
Let me hide myself in thee 

verse 3  
Nothing in my hand I bring  
Simply to the cross I cling  
Naked come to thee for dress  
Helpless look to thee for grace  
Wretched to the fount I fly  
Wash me Savior or I die 


      Em      G     C       G  
And while I draw my final breath 
       Em    G         D 
I'll rest upon your grace 
     Em      G      C         G  
And when I close my eyes in death 
       Em       G       D 
I'll wake to see your face 

Em  G  C  G  
Em  G  D  B D# 


( ) means play this: 
G         G         C         C            (2x) 

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