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Deeper In

(Drive-By Truckers/Patterson Hood)

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       G                             C          G 
By the time you were born there were four other siblings 
          G                           D 
With your Mama awaiting your Daddy in jail 
     G                   C        G 
Your oldest brother was away at a home 
    G                               D              G 
And you didn't meet him 'til you was nineteen years old 

     G                          C             G 
Old enough to know better, old enough to know better 
        G                                   D 
But you took to his jaw line and long sandy hair 
       G                  C            G 
How he made you feel like none off the others 
        G                                D            G 
And the way he looked at you touched you deep down in there. 

       G                           C        G 
So you jumped on his bike and rode into the sunset 
        G                                       D 
But the sequel it started with the next morning sun 
        G                        C         G 
And the dew on the bike seat and you all a glow 
         G                        D           G 
From the love he put in you and a life on the run. 

       G                          C        G 
So you moved to a small town, and then to another 
    G                                   D 
And then to another with another on its way 
        G                           C         G 
And you both swore to God you would keep it together 
        G                        D       G 
And the State wouldn't take your babies away 

         C                         G 
Now, the District Attorney said he might of forgiven 
    G                                    D 
You had lots of reasons to turn out this way 
           G                        C           G 
But you'll both go to jail for them four little babies 
    G                   D        G 
You made and delivered along the way 

     G                             C 
Last night you had a dream about a Lord so forgiving 
   G                                      D 
He might show compassion for a heathen he damned 
     G                     C           G 
You awoke in a jail cell, alone and so lonely 
G                        D   G 
Seven years in Michigan 

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