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First Light Teclado

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First Light

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Em G C B (x3)  
D Bm  D  B 

Em                            C        B 
Sending out a signal from the city we went 
Em                                         C        B 
Towards a future that is greener than the money we spend 
Em                                     C          B 
Discover beaches buried deeper underneath the cement 
D                       Bm             D                B 
Look down through the cracks for the gold that they're hiding 

Em                            C        B 
Guarding through the wind that blew through the clothes that we wore 
Em                                         C        B 
But we climb tighter through the hell spawn 'till we reach a new shore 
Em                                     C          B 
More to be nourished by the heat that radiates in the stars 
D                       Bm             D                B 
Like down in the sun and get something for nothing 

Em      G 
First light 
C                 G 
The fields are ablaze 
C                 A 
Cut through the maze 
D             B 
Lighting up quicker 

Em      G 
Each day  
C          G 
never the same 
C        A 
Never again 
D             B 
Getting the picture 

Water falls around us and it flows where it likes 
We like the current going forward and give into the fight 
We cast our net and come to settle, now the ocean's inside 
Sit back and flow down through this air that we're breathing 

While they grow up day dreams into the heat of the sun 
We're reaching taller by the hillside where the water is sprung 
We take the path of least resistance on the life we begun 
Lie down in the sun and get something for nothing 

Em      G 
First light ... 
C   C G   C F C E A 
C   C G   C A G  A 

    Em          G     C 
Complacencies know our name forever but 
F                  E         A 
We never knew its game till later 
  F                C     G          D    Bm  D  B 
The higher we are the further we will fall 

Em      G 
First light x2 

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