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You Better Believe!!! Teclado

Declan McKenna



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You Better Believe!!!

	  Intro: E  C#m   

You're gonna get yourself killed 
Before you can run 
Just 'cause you've got your own theme song 
"Fastest…gun…in the solar…system" 

Don't mean you're alone 
It don't mean…you're a home run 
Don't mean that you're holy 
Don't mean you're the only one 
           B  C#m    
To save us all 

B    A  

E Oh, you better believe ( E C#m )
E The time has come E/D# C#m Where rocket boots and lasers F#m Lose their flavours E B Like gum stuck to your heels E So you know how it feels E/D# C#m To wait at Heaven's gate for God F#m E Watching your requiem on screen B Gather 'round for the final scene E Where you were sold away E/D# C#m One summer's day last year F#m E Oh, I'm sorry, my dear B The asteroid's here A Oh, you used to speak your mind C#m So jealous, but so kind E But you did fall D After all A You used to speak in tongues C#m That Jesus and his loved ones E Would save us all D Would save us all C#m Save us all C Save us all
E So you better believe C#m You better believe E You better believe E You better believe
E We're gonna get ourselves killed C#m Oh yeah E You're going overboard, babe C#m You're going nowhere F#m A Oh yeah, oh yeah C#m We're gonna get ourselves killed E What do you think about the rocket I built? A B C#m Is it so fast, so high speed? E It's just what you need C#m We're gonna get ourselves freed E What do you think about the blood that I bleed? A B C#m 'Cause when I'm dead, you'll break bread E But it's all in your head A It's all in your head Am It's all in your head It's all in your Final E E/D# C#m I'm off out to buy a bag of Quavers F#m And Nike trainers E B Comfort you can feel E And you know that it's real E/D# C#m Because you saw it at the station F#m God's creation E B With a half off summer deal E E/D# C#m Na-na-na-na, na-na-na Final: F#m E B A Am7

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