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Bend Teclado

Dear Reader



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	  Capotraste 3ª casa 


Em            G                 D         Em 
If you do not bend, you will eventually break 
  C                 Gmaj9       D          Em 
Unless you make the wind stop blowing your way 


We were like two kids blowing on each other with two straws 
Only I was willing to stop and listen to yours 

You say you do not want me because I want too much 
And I almost let you patronize me one last time 
But I don't want too much, I just want more than you've got 
So the lack is not with either, we are merely a different size 

Don't forget regret, it is a waste of an emotion 
And acceptance is the key to peace, do not try to defy her 
No, I'm not sad we met and slept together in the same bed 
I bent, I curved, I lent, I learnt, I'm stronger 

You did not do me wrong, in fact you did me right 
To let me go, although I felt so broken 
For you did not see the heart of me, perhaps you were too lazy 
And though I tried I could not gain the heart of you either 

So now it's done and I am glad that I will find another man 
Though you will always be the first I tasted 
And I will harness all this pain and let it bear me far away 
I would not let this happening be wasted 

If you do not bend you will eventually break 
Unless you make the wind stop blowing away 
And we were like two kids blowing on each other with two straws 
Only I was willing to stop and listen to yours 

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