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Mind's eye Teclado

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Mind's eye

Áño: 1995 - Álbum: Jesus Freak

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	  Intro:F G Dm Bb C

F      G
In my mind I can see your face
Dm   B G
Love pours down in a shower of grace
People tell me that your just a dream
Dm        C G G4 
Faith is the evidence of things unseen

Dm C G G4

Dm        C
You know what I'm going through
G       G4
I know that it's true cause you've stood in my shoes
Dm    C
Desire's inside of me
G       G4
But it's hard to believe in what you cannot see
Bb F/A
Can you catch the wind? See a breeze?
C    G/B       G
It's presence is revealed by the leaves on a tree
Bb F/A F
An image of my faith in the unseen

F        G     Dm
In my mind's eye I see your face
Bb   C
You smile as you show me grace
F        G                     Dm  
In my mind's eye You take my hand
Bb    C    Dm   Bb   C
We walk through foreign lands, the foreign lan

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