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Cry From The Street Teclado

David Gilmour

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Cry From The Street

Áño: 2006 - Álbum: David Gilmour

Introdução com riffs e variações em F#m 
F#m ...  D  E/D 
F#m (continuar riff) 
Black shadows dance 
Beyond the neon glow 
There's rumors in your head 
And just one way to go 
Oh so tight 
It makes your blood run cold 
The way is blind 
Try to save your soul 
D                  E/D 
Don't even pray 
Just cry from the street 
It's fine as you leave 
The one they keep at home 
So you love someone 
That you thought you owed 
You know it's a crime 
But what can you do? 
That's the price you pay 
With each turn of the screw 
D                        E/D 
But don't pay no mind 
Just cry from the street 
You really love the night 
Even though you're alone 
It's such a cryin' shame 
That things are so wrong 
It's the sign of the scream 
That it blinds your feet 
I guess the chance is ours 
You wish to stay and sleep 
D                    E/D 
But don't even pray 
Just cry from the street 
D  E/D  (4x) 
Contribuição: Matheus Vignali([email protected]) 


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