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(Glen Ballard, David Matthews)

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B          E 
I call you up 
you pick up 
            E                        B 
you call my bluff on the card to love 
             E                               B 
you hold too close youre hands to your chest 
                E                 F# 
I can read your eyes but I confess 
             E             B 
it's lonley far from you oh 
      E                    F# 
even when your right by me  
          E                  B 
it's only why I wait for you  
to take my hand... 
C#7 F#m why do I beg like a child to your candy C#7 F#m why do I come after you like I do I love you E Eb whatever you are Bsus4 Eadd9 E you be my angel
I play my cards the best I can but I lose my luck when your not here my darling heart won't you please give in I may be strong but I want you back again when you're not here love it's hard to pretend it's all allright again when you're not here love it's hard to pretend it's all allright but still {Chorus} watch the deck count yore cards makes no sense that I'm always losing when youré gone {Chorus} when your'e gone

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