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The Selfish Giant Teclado

Damon Albarn



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The Selfish Giant


verse 1 
Celebrate the passing drugs 
Put them on the back seat while 

They're coursing in your blood 

Cause there are monsters oh 
Walking down Argyle Street 

Where the evening colors go (it's true) 

Eb Cm D I had a dream that you were leaving Bb Gm It's hard to be a lover when the TV's on F And nothing is in your eyes Eb Cm D I had a dream that you were leaving Bb Gm Where every atom falling in the universe
F Is passing through our lives verse 2 Press yourself to me right now Push yourself deep down now To the dark hills I must go Where the shadows hide Waiting for the final call It's coming down the line Chorus x2 I had a dream that you were leaving I had a dream that you were leaving

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