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The God I Know Teclado

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The God I Know

Intro: C    F    Am    F 


G                           Am7 
When the stage is bare tonight 
There's no one else 
Just You and me 
G                            Am7 
When the curtains close behind 
There's no pretense 
I'm on my knees 

F                  Am7 
I will lay down my life 
For the love sacrifice 
G/A         F/A 
You gave to me 
It's all because of You 
All because of You 

C The God I know F Righteous and Holy G The God I know G/B C Faithful and true G/B Am7 The God I know F My tower of refuge Dm7 Hearts are healed G Christ revealed
C The God I know F Light of the City G The God I know G/B C Strengthens the weak G/B Am7 The God I know F Your heart beats within me Dm7 G As You are, so are we To Verse: Am7 G/B Am7 F - C G To Bridge: F Am7 C G/B Bridge: F This is my cry Am7 My one desire C More of You G/B More of You Ending: The church He knows Righteous and Holy The church He knows Is faithful and true The church He knows A tower of refuge Hearts are healed Christ revealed The church He knows Light of this city The church He knows Strengthens the weak The church He knows Is strong and mighty As He is, so are we Same chordsa s the Chorus

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