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The Curragh Of Kildare Teclado

Christy Moore



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The Curragh Of Kildare

(Reverend C.L. Moore/Traditional)

	  G                Em           C                D 
The winter it is past and the summers come at last 
                         Bm      Am    D 
And the small birds they sing on every tree 
      C                 G        Am           D 
Their little hearts are glad but mine is very sad 
         G            Am            D 
Since my true love is far away from me. 

The rose upon the brier, by the water running clear 
Gives joy to the linnet and the bee 
Their little hearts are blessed but mine is not at rest 
While my true love is absent from me. 

A livery Ill wear and Ill comb back my hair 
And in velvet so green I will appear, 
And straight I will repair to the Curragh of Kildare 
For its there Ill find tidings of my dear. 

Ill wear a cap of black, with a frill around my neck 
Gold rings on my fingers I wear 
Its this I undertake, for my true lovers sake 
He resides at the Curragh of Kildare. 

I would not think it strange, thus the world for me to range 
If I got tidings of my dear, 
But here in Cupids chain, if Im bound to remain 
I would spend my whole life in despair. 

My love is like the sun, that in the firmament does run 
And always proves constant and true, 
But he is like the moon, that wanders up and down 
And every month is new. 

All you that are in love and cannot it remove 
I pity the pains you endure, 
For experience let me know, that your hearts are full of woe 
And a woe that no mortal can cure. 

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