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I'm In The Mood For Love Teclado

Carmen McRae



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I'm In The Mood For Love

Introdução: Am7 G#dim Gm7 C7/9- F7M Gm7 C7/9- 

F7M                   Bb6      C7                   F7M 
I'm in the mood for love, simply because you're near me. 
Am7        G#dim         Gm7     C7/9-                 F7M    Gm7    C7 
Funny, but when you're near me, I'm in the mood for love. 
F7M                   Bb6      C7                   F7M 
Heaven is in your eyes, bright as the stars we're under; 
Am7      G#dim   Gm7    C7/9-               F       F7M 
Oh, is it any wonder I'm in the mood for love? 
Bb6           C7      F D        Cm6    D7/9- 
Why stop to think of whether 
Gm6          C7/9-          F 
This little dream might fade? 
 Dm6           E7                Am7 
We've put our hearts together; 
Fm6        Eb5-/7  Eb7 Bbdim     Gm7   C7 
Now we are one,      I'm not afraid! 
F7M                 Bb6   C7/9-                       F7M 
If there's a cloud above, if it should rain, we'll let it; 
Am7         Abdim        Gm7 
But for tonight, forget it! 
First time: 
C7/9-                   F7M     C7/9- 
I'm in the mood for love. 
Last time: 
C4/7        C7    Bbdim F7M Dm7 Bb  Bbdim  F7/9+ 
I'm in the mood for love. 

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