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Boxcars Teclado

Butch Hancock



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	  (Em)Well, I gave all my money to the banker this month 
Now I (Am)got no more money to (Em)spend 
She smiled when she saw me comin' throught that door 
When I (C)left, she said (B7)"Come back again" 
Well I (Em)watched some lonesome boxcar wheels (Am)turnin' 
down the tracks out of (Em)town 
And it's on that lonesome railroad track 
I'm (C)gonna lay my (B7)burden (Em)down 

I (Em)looked for my little lady in the lost and found 
But (Am)she had already been (Em)claimed 
I'm gonna find me a ticket to ride 
Through a (C)town that never (B7)had no name 
(Em)Nobody may care where I go tonight 
But (Am)baby if the truth be (Em)told 
I'm goin down to the railroad tracks 
Watch them (C)lonesome (B7)boxcars (Em)roll 

I was (Em)raised on a farm the first years of my life 
And (Am)life was pretty good, they (Em)say 
I'll probably live to be some ripe old age 
If that (C)dirty dog death won't (B7)stay outa my way 
(Em)This world can take my money and my time 
But it (Am)sure can't take my (Em)soul 
An' I'm goin' down to the railroad tracks 
Watch them (C)lonesome (B7)boxcars (Em)roll 

There's some (Em)big ol' Buicks by the Baptist Church 
(Am)Cadillacs at the Church of (Em)Christ 
I parked my camel by an ol' haystack 
I'll be (C)lookin' for that needle all (B7)night 
You know there (Em)ain't a gonna be no radial tires 
(Am)turnin' down the streets of (Em)gold 
I'm goin' down to the railroad tracks 
Watch them (C)lonesome (B7)boxcars (Em)roll 

Have you (Em)ever hear the whistle on a fast freight train 
(Am)beatin' out a beautiful (Em)tune 
If you ever seen the cold blue railroad tracks (C)shinin' 
by the (B7)light of the moon 
If you (Em)ever felt the locomotive shake the ground 
(Am)I know you don't need to be (Em)told 
Why I'm goin' down to the railroad tracks 
Watch them (C)lonesome (B7)boxcars (Em)roll

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