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South Of Santa Fe Teclado

Brooks And Dunn

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South Of Santa Fe

	  From: Chris Green ([email protected]) 
intro: Bm, A, G; Bm, A, G 
Well, there ain't no phone and the grass don't grow 
                         A    G 
In the older part of New Mexico 
I drifted into town one day 
                  A      G 
Stumbled in on a lost cafe 
     G                                          A 
The shades were pulled and the door was locked 
But something made me knock 
Time stood still when she opened the door 
                       A        G     Bm 
I didn't know where I was anymore 
And we were lost in each others eyes 
                        A     G 
Where loneliness meets paradise 
G                                 A  
Something in my heart broke free 
Blowing wild as a tumble weed 
G/D Bm Somewhere north of Heaven A G Where eagles fear to fly Bm A The sun burns hot as the Devil's gaze Where desert meets the sky D G A Bm Tattooed on my memory is the image of an angels face Em A Bm North of Heaven, south of Santa Fe
Bad news tends to travel fast And I was running from my past I left her when the morning broke The truth is I never let her go Now I'm still running free But in my heart I'll always be repeat chorus turnaround outro: Bm, A, G x4

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