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Neon Moon Teclado

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Neon Moon

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     When the sun goes down on my side of town 
      that lonesome feeling comes to my door  
              D                       A 
     And the whole world turns....... blue. 
     There's a run down bar across the railroad tracks 
      I got a table for two way in the back  
       D                                  A   
     Where I sit alone...... and think of losin' you.  
                  E7                                  A  
     I spend most every night beneath the lights of a neon moon. 
                D                 E  
     Now if you lose your one and only 
                    D                 E  
     There's always room here for the lonely 
                   D                          E 
     To watch your broken dreams dance in and out of the beams 
     Of a neon moon.  
2nd verse  
     I think of two young lovers runnin' wild and free
      I close my eyes and sometimes see
    D                             A
    You in the shadows... of this smoke filled room. 
     No tellin' how many tears I sit here and cry
    Or how many lies that I've lied
             D                            A  
     Tellin' my pour heart... she'll come back someday
      Oh! But I'll be allright as long as there's light         
     From a neon moon.     
repeat CHORUS 
     Jukebox plays on drink by drink 

      The words of every sad song seem to say what I think 
               D                               A
     That this hurt inside of me...ain't never gonna end.
      Oh!But I'll be allright as long as there's light 
     from a neon moon. 
repeat CHORUS 
     Just watch your broken dreams   -----repeat twice-----
     Dance in and out of the beams
     Of a neon moon. 

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