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Drunk On Love Teclado

Brooks And Dunn

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Drunk On Love

	   (To Match Recording) 

Intro: (Am) 

(Am) Baby take my car keys, put em in your pocket 
Lord knows I got no business with them                                
I been (D) nursin half a beer for half and (C) hour but the (C/B) whole rooms (Am) spinnin 

My brain is actin' fuzzy but the vertigo I'm feelin 
Got nothing to do with inebriation 
That kiss you just handed me, girl, is a staggerin revelation 

  Baby (Bm) I (D) never drank that (A) much 
  To get this (Bm) high (D) I must be drunk on (A) love 
  Baby I'm (Bm) flyin (D) on a stone cold (A) rush 
  To get this (Bm) high I (D) must be drunk on (Am) love 

I been down on my knees before the porcelain throne 
Suffered the wrath of the god of Tequila 
After dancing on a bar doin' my very best cowboy ballerina - you oughta see it 

Repeat Chorus 

I built a pyramid of beer cans on a bar top in Austin 
Laid to rest in them like some ancient Egyption 
I can see well enough to know you're my favorite kind of intervention 

Repeat Chorus

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