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Dinks Song Fare Thee Well Teclado

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Dinks Song Fare Thee Well

Intro: C  F   C  F 

Intro is repeated at the end of each verse 

verse 1 
C  F     C    F 
If I had wings 
C    F      C    F 
like Noah's dove, 
C   F       Am 
I'd fly the river 
             C     F 
to the one I love. 

C Am F G Fare thee well, my honey, C F fare thee well.
verse 2 C F C F I had a man C F C F who was long and tall, C F Am moved his body C F like a cannonball. Chorus verse 3 C F C F 'member one evening C F C F was drizzling rain, C F Am and round my heart C F I felt an aching pain. Chorus verse 4 C F C F Once I wore C F C F my apron low, C F Am couldn't keep you C F away from my door. Chorus Verse 5 C F C F Now my apron C F C F is up to my chin, C F Am you'll pass my door C F but you'll never come in. Chorus Verse 6 C F C F Mighty river C F C F runs muddy and wild, C F Am can't care the bloody C F for my unborn child. Chorus Verse 7 C F C F Number nine train C F C F done no harm, C F Am number nine train, C F take my poor baby home. Chorus Verse 8 C F C F Fastest man C F C F I ever saw, C F Am was in Missouri C F on the way to Arkansas. Chorus Outro C F C F

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