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Daddy's Little Girl Teclado

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Daddy's Little Girl

G Am7 D Am7 D I'm standing 'on the inside looking out through these lonely eyes of mine. D G G6 Gmaj7 G I keep on going back to when we used to be together all the time, G Am7 D Am7 D And you were all the good things in my life, like the wind that finds the trees. D C D G You were daddies little girl, and there were never moments such as these.
G Am7 D Am7 D And Baby, when I close my eyes at night, I see you laugh, I see you cry, D G G6 Gmaj7 G And I memorize these little things, the broken arms, the empty swings go flying by. G F E Maybe if I held you in my arms, I'd get the chance, Am7 Cm6 to say the words I know that I should say G C D G You'll be daddies little girl, no matter how the years may slip away.
C D G And you must stand alone, fight forever, when it feels like you just can't go on. A7 A D D7 You should reach out, but you don't ever, and I should be the one you lean upon.
G Am7 D Am7 D And I remember when you fell in love - I hoped that day would never come. D G G6 Gmaj7 - G But he just kept his motor running - I took a break, and you were gone. F E Am7 And I almost stopped believing in your face and in your voice, and you're my only Cm6 vision when I pray
G C D G And you'll be daddies little girl, no matter how the years may slip away. G C D G Yes, you'll be daddies little girl, no matter how the years may slip away.

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