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Avenged Sevenfold



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Acordes do Verso: 

( C G# C G# ) 

( Bb G# Bb G# ) 

C                        G# 
  House full of roses A letter on the stairs 
C                           G# 
I tape all of messages  For anyone who cares 
Bb                       G# 
Closure broken words And stories full of tears 
Bb                          G# 
Remembering your life Cause we wish you were here 

(Repete os Acordes) 

Cm                  G#                           D# 
   nothing lasts forever for all good things its true 
                    G                     Cm 
id rather trade it all  somehow saving you 
                   G#                          D# 
must have been the season that threw us out of line 
                G                              D# 
once i stood so tall now im searching for a sign 

                  Bb                          Cm 
so dont need your salvation with promises and kind 
                    G#                           D# 
and all those speculation save it for another time 
                    Bb                      Cm 
cause we all need a reason a reason just to stay 
                       G#                                   Cm 
well some just cant be bothered to stick around another day 


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