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The Watchmakers Dream Teclado




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The Watchmakers Dream

F# D# C# F#  

Welcome to the aftermath of the incidence 
That made the tower fall 
Another screw to another wheel 
For another mind won’t stray anymore 
Oh wont stray away from its brain 
G#  C# 
Oh no... 

G       A            F#	 
We must finalise the giant 
   G             G        A           B 
To level off the void and zeroise the will 
              E         A    F#           G 
The time will come: you will know what you need 
D       A           G 
    The Watchmakers Dream 
D       A           G 
    The Watchmakers Dream 

Simplify simplicity 
F#                                 F#  A E B 
You dont mind what you dont see at all 
The tongue of nations brought the line 
F#                         F#   A   E 
Reason occupied: the God-machine    oh 
  B                 F#         G#           C# 
A splendid steaming dream will tower to the sky 

Well exploit another morrow 
We drained another day  
The glowing of the future in our eyes 
And time will reveal what we need: 

The Watchmakers Dream 
The Watchmakers Dream 

We must finalise the giant 
To zeroise the will and level off all minds 
The time will come that you 
Will know what you need 

The Watchmakers Dream 
The Watchmakers Dream 

The Watchmakers Dream – Will we slice infinity 
The Watchmakers Dream – For all the world to see 
The Watchmakers Dream – We give you what you need 
The Watchmakers Dream – The sound of triviality 

Its just a guide, the hammond keyboard solo has the intro notes and the guitar  
solo is F# at the beginning but didn't get all the chords. 

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