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It Had To Be You Teclado

Andy Williams



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It Had To Be You

Introdução: Gdim D7 Gdim D7 D9 G Cm6 G6  

    D         G  D  G     
It had to be you,        
G/B        E7   Dm5-/7   E7 
It had to be you    
  E4/7        E7   E4/7         A9   A7     A9   A7   A9  
I wandered  around and finally found the somebody who 
          D  D7M D7  
Could make me be true     
   Cdim       Em    B     
Could make be be blue 
   Em7   A7   Em7        A   Gdim        D     Cdim D7 
And even be glad just to be sad thinkin' of you     
   D        G   D  G  G/B      E7    Dm5-/7 E7 
Some others I've seen might never be mean 
  E4/7     E7      E4/7        A9       A7        A9   A7   A9 
Might even be cross, or try to be boss, but they wouldn't do 
   Em7     C                  Cm 
For nobody else gives me the thrill 
Gdim             G           B7       Em 
With all your faults, dear, I love you still 
   Gdim       D7   Gdim      D7 
It had to be you, wonderful you 
   D9      G   Cm6 G6 
It had to be you 

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