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Joy To The World / Joyful, Joyful (medley) Acordes

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Joy To The World / Joyful, Joyful (medley)

Db      Ab9/Gb    Fm7(9)  Db9  Gbm/A  Db9/Ab  Ab   Db 
   Joy  to  the world,         the    Lord    is  come 
Db9/F  Gb9    Gm7(5-)  Ab9   Gb  Fm7(9)  Gb  
Let    earth  re_______ceive her King 
    Db9/Ab  Ab/Gb    Db9/F      Gb9 
Let every   heart prepare Him room 
    Db9/Ab             Db9/B 
And Heaven and nature sing 
    Bbm7         Db9/Ab  Gbm 
And Heaven and nature   sing 
    Db9/F  G#m/F  Bb7        Eb7(9)   Ab7(9) 
And Heaven and    Heaven and nature sing 

( Db  Ebm7/Db  Db ) 

  Db9    Ab9    Fm7(9)  Bbm7 
Oh,  joy to the earth 
Ebm7  Db9  Ab9   Bbm7(9)  Eb7(9)  Abm7(9) 
The   Sa___vior reigns 
Db7(9)  Gb7M     Eb9 
Let     men (let men) 
      Ab9          Ab9/C 
Their songs (their songs) 
Fm7(9)  Bbm7  Gm7(5-)  Gbm 
      Db(9)/F    Gb7M 
While fields and floods 
       Fm7       Cm7  F7 
Rocks, hills and pla__ins 
  Bbm7(9)           Eb7  Eb 
Repeat the sounding joy 

(Repeat the sounding joy) 

  Ab9      Db9       Cm7(5-)  F7     
Repeat the sounding joy 
    Abº    Ebm7  Db9  Bb7        Eb7(9)  Ab9 
Repeat,    re____pe_______at the soun____ding 
(Repeat the sounding), joy (joy) 

( Em7  E  E7 ) 

A9    D9    G   Db     Gbm7  Em7(9)    
   Oh,   He rules  the wor___ld 
     D9/A  Bbº  Bm7(9)  E7(9)  Am7(9) 
With truth and grace 
D7(9)         G   G 
And    makes (and makes) 
Em7      A9  Gb7  
The na- (the na-) 
      Bm7                  C7(9)  C 
Tions prove (-tions prove) 
    D9/A    GG7M 
The glories of 
                   D9/Gb     D      Dbm7(9)   Gb7   
(His righteousness)    His righteous_______ness 
      Bm7                        Gbm7(5-) 
And wonders (and wonders of His love) 
 B7       Em7   D9     Dm7(5-)  Gb7 
Oh, and wonders of His lo_______ve 

(And wonders of His love) 
      Bm7  G     D9/Gb  B7      D/E  A      
And won____ders, wo_______nders of   His love 

( Em7  Gbm7  G7M  A ) 
( Fm7  Gm7  Ab7M  Bb ) 

         Cm7(9)      Bbm7(9)  Eb7(9)  Ab7M(9)  Db9 
We sing joy (joyful, joy______ful,   Lord, we adore) 
   G7/D  Cm7(9)   
We a___dore    Thee 
        F       Fm7     Bb 
(God of glory) Lord of love 
Bbm7(9)      Eb(9)  Eb7(9)  Ab7M      Db9 
    Hearts unfold   like    flowers (before Thee) 
Gb  Eb/G  Ab  Db   Ab9  Ab9/Bb  Eb 
Healthy   as  the (Sun  a_______bove) 
     F      Bb              Eb 
Melt the clouds (melt those clouds of sin) 
 Bb      Eb 
(Sin and sadness) 
  Bb9/D      G7(9-)  G   Cm7(9)   F7(9)  Bb9 
Drive   the dark     a__way, yeah 
(drive the dark of doubt away) 
            Eb7(9)  Eb  Ab7M(9)      Db2 
(Giver of immo__________________rtal gladness) 
 Eb      Ebm7 
Fill us (fill us) 
Eb               Ab5(9) 
Fill us with the light of day, Lord 
Eb       Ebm7 
Fill us (fill us) 
     Ab7(9)  Db  D    Eb 
Hey, yeah,   ye__ah, yeah 
  Ebm7         Ebm/Bb      Ebm5+       Eb7(9+) 
(Fill us) With joy,   joy, joy,       joy, joy 
(Fill us) 
Fm7        Eb/G  Ab9  Ab7M/Bb  Ab7M/Bb  Eb 
Fill   us  with  the  light    of       day 
 Ab/Bb  Ab/Bb  Eb 
(Light  of     day) 

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