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Country When It Rocks Acordes

Todd Snider

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Country When It Rocks

EI like country when it rocks 
EI like country when it's Areal 
AWhen it's sung for the Eschool of the hardest knocks 
EAnd not for mass apB7peal 
B7I like country when it's Eloud 
EAnd ringing out for Ablocks 
AI like country when it's Ereal 
B7I like country when it Erocks 
verse 1 
EPlay a little Johnny ACash for me 
AAnd make me feel it down Ehome 
EWhen old Waylon's on the B7backbeat honey 
B7He sounds better than the EStones 
ESomebody help me make it Athrough the night 
AI'm seeing double through Ethe neon light 
EPlay it loud and play it B7right 
B7All night I don't wanna go Ehome 
verse 2 
Little something with a twang to it 
Like they used to do 
The kind of song that kept glued to it 
Because you knew it was true 
I like the sound of a steel guitar 
I like the feel of a roadside bar 
I only listen to the country stars 
Who know what I go through 
Chorus 3x 


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