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Beer Run Acordes

Todd Snider


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Beer Run

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	  Chorus 1: 
B double E double R?U?N, beer run 
A                        E 
B double E double R?U?N, beer run 
All we need is a ten and a fiver 
A car, and a key, and a sober driver 
A                 E     A 
B double E double R?U?N beer run 
Couple of frat guys from Abilene 
Drove out all night to see Robert Earl Keen 
At the KPIG Swine and Soiree dance 
They wore baseball caps and khaki pants 
     A                 E 
They wanted cigs so to save some money 
     A                         D  
They got one off a hippie that smelled kinda funny 
    A                             E  
The next thing they knew they was both really hungry and 
F#             B7 
Pretty thirsty too 
Chorus 1 
They found a store with a sign said their beer was coldest 
Sent in Brad ?cuz he looked the oldest 
He got a case of beer and a candybar 
Walked over to where them registers are 
Laid his fake I.D. on the countertop 
The clerk looked and turned, and looked back and stopped 
He said, ?Boy, I ain?t callin' the cops 
but I am keepin' this card.? 
The guys took it hard 
Chorus 2: 
B double E double R?U?N, beer run 
B double E double R?U?N, beer run 
How happy we would be 
If we'd have only brought a better fake ID 
B double E double R?U?N beer run 
We met another old hippie named Sleepy John 
Claimed to be the one from the Robert Earl song 
So they gave ?em their cash, he bought ?em some brews 
It was a beautiful day in Santa Cruz 
Feelin' so good, shoulda been a crime 
Crowd was cool and the band was primed 
They made it back up to their seats just in time to  
Sing with all their friends 
"The road goes on forever and the party never ends" 
Chorus 1 


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