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Under The Fall Acordes

Toby Keith

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Under The Fall

(G)Everbody knows(D),(G), 
(G)How much he meant to you(C)baby(D),(G). 
(G)But you still in(C)sist, that your(D)hearts all(G)right. 
I can see that he's about , 
To get the best of you baby. 
Your too ashamed to cry, 
And it's gettin' hard 
(G)It's gonna'get(D)baaaaaa(C)d, 
(C)Before it gets(G)better. 
(D)You can cry and(C)cry, 
(C)But he still won't(G)call. 
(G)It's gonna' get(D)saaaaaaa(C)d, 
(C)And maybe even(G)sadder. 
(C)Your not over the heartache, 
(C)Your still under the(G)fall. 
When it comes to love, 
You always had your way. 
And you never had your heartbroke 
Or so you say. 
No you can't fool me 
I know it's on your mind. 
There's things in love that just happen sometimes. 
(repeat 2) 


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