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Rock you baby Acordes

Toby Keith

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Rock you baby

Capo en el 2º traste
	  ** for the recorded key** 
Intro: B  Em  D  C  D 
Verse 1: 
Em                      D 
Met you in a café at a table meant for two  
          C                        D 
You were sitting by your lonesome when I sat down with you  
Em                               D 
Tried hard not to show it but I couldn?t help but see  
          C                                D 
That you wore a broken heart out on your sleeve  
           C                                 D 
And your loneliness could not disguise the beauty and the charm  
        C                             D 
Thought if I ever get you, shattered lady in my arms  
I?m gonna rock you baby to sleep  
I?m gonna make you crazy over me  
           F                               C 
I?m gonna hold you like you?ve never been held before  
     F                                   D 
And love you till you tell me you can?t love anymore 
I?m gonna shake your emotion right down to your soul  
Then I?m gonna love you all over in and out of control  
    F                      C 
If this is how love is supposed to feel  
F                        D 
Baby I know I?ve fallen head over heels  
I?m gonna rock you baby  
B  Em  D  C  D 
Verse 2: 
Em                            D 
Over open conversation and a bottle of red wine 
          C                                D  
You said this world is full of users and I know that I?ve had mine  
Em                                       D 
We danced a little slow dance until they closed that café down  
         C                               D 
You said ?what would be the chances that tonight I finally found  
           C                       D 
Someone who makes me feel like my life is just begun??  
        C                             D 
I said ?girl believe in me and I?ll show you how it?s done?  
REPEAT Chorus  
Outro: B  Em  C  D  G 


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