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Dream Walkin Acordes

Toby Keith


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Dream Walkin

Áño: 2008 - Álbum: 35 Biggest Hits [2 CD]

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INTRO E_______________________ 5_ 5_ 5_5________________ B______ 6_6__5_5__6 5_ 3 _6 _5h 6_6________________ G______ 5_5__5_5____ 5___ 7_ 5h 7_7________________ D_~~~~~7_7__5_5_________ 7_ 5h 7_7___3_3_3________ A_______________________ _5 _5_ 5_5___1 1 1________ E________________________ 5_ 5_ 5_5________________
F C She left a yellow rose in a long neck bottle Dm Bb On a table beside my bed F With a short little note C That said I had a good time Dm Bb A A It was written in lipstick red Bb C She didn't sign her name A Bb C I wonder, is that a little secret that she keeps A A Bb C Dm C C Ooh she's walkin' around in my sleep
F C Dream walkin', pillow talkin', Dm Bb She's callin' my name again F C Dm Bb Day's breakin', I ain't wakin' up, I'm sleepin' in, Bb C 1st ) PLAY INTRO 2nd) F to tag I'm on a roll now, I've gotta know how this dream ends
F C She took my new sunglasses and my old jean jacket Dm Bb And she didn't even bother to ask F C You could say I haven't seen her since late last summer Dm Bb F F But every night she comes back Bb C Bb C Just like smoke through the keyhole, she slips in so silently Bb C Dm C C Ooh she's walkin' around in my sleep Repeat Chorus TAG C Dm Ooh it's a thin line Bb C Between dreams and memories C Dm I'll be losing my mind Bb C Bb Bb C C x5 Until she comes back to me Repeat Chorus Bb C PLAY INTRO I'm on a roll now, I've gotta know how this dream ends Ooh she's walkin' around in my sleep

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