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Pass Golly Friends Acordes

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Pass Golly Friends

(Tito Salu / Jayme Viana)

	  (A  D  E  A    D  E  A  E) 
I care for USA 
I care for UK 
I ride my bike in city of the train 
I wanna run every day 

(A F#m D ) (3x) E Pass, pass golly friends (A D E A D E A E) I lost my bike I lost my shoes I lost my money and stayed alone Send for my pocket in 190 Can´t you came when everybody gone
(A D E A D E A E) What play on radio is no way I like rancid, ramones and jefferson air plane Change THE PLAYERS AND DON´T LIE Punk rock 'll never die
(A D E A D E A E) W. Brown, R. Johnson, M. Watters, E. James, J. Hoocker, R. Wolf, J. Mayal, The Yardbirds J. Rivers, E. Burdon, N. Young, K. Richards, B. Dylan, J. Lennon, J. Winter, J. Hendrix J. Morrison, Kurt C. and Janes J Ever knows make the people enjoy the show

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