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Planes Vs Tank Vs Submarine Acordes

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Planes Vs Tank Vs Submarine

	  Intro Am 

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E|-------------------------| B|------1------1-----------| G|----2----0h2---2---2-----| (3x) D|-----------------2-------| A|-0-----------------------| E|-------------------------|
Am G F Lie to me like you used to Am G Am Tell me everything is how it should be G F Lie to me, did you have to? Am G Dm7 'Cause in the end it never matters what I think Am F And I can barely tell the sky from the shoreline Am Dm7 And I can see myself reflected in your eyes C And this was all a dream G And it's coming back to me Am A portrait in grey scale Dm7 A perfect betrayal C G And I can't even breathe with this weighing on my chest Am You knew me at my best Dm7 F Dm7 Am G D Fmaj7 Now I can't even stand on my own Final F Dm7 Am G F Dm7 Am G F Dm7 Am G F Dm7

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