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Scared Acordes

Tiago Iorc



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(Thiago Iorczeski)

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	  C9                                                    G/B 
Standing outside, looking out for me 
I know I've done nothing wrong 
There's plenty of time for us to see 
Start cleaning up the mess we've done 
We keep on living our lives with stupidity 
As if we've got something to lose 
So much selfish tranquility 
Just for the sake of trying nothing new 

And I 
Think I 
Am7                     G/B           C9                D 
Should be the one to make a stand, because 
Em                             G    A9 
Everybody is scared (4x) 
G                        Em              C9          D 
Everybody is scared sometimes 
B7                      Em              C9          D 
Everybody is scared sometimes  

C9                                                 G/B 
Time goes by and it seems to me 
It's easy just to come and go 
Well, turns out nothing comes for free 
Our children live the seeds we sow 
Pretend now 
The fire burned out, now it's you and me 
Still we've got nothing to lose 
So much selfish tranquility 
Just for the sake of trying nothing new 


B7/4                              B7                 
Every time I close my eyes 
This pain is killing me 
And I try to take it down 
Put my feet back on the ground 
Just to know you're still with me 
Just remember girl 
Although it's easier to say goodbye 
Feels like a bullet in my heart 
                       C9                             D 
To know we're throwing away the good times, because 
B7               Em                 C        D            
Everybody is scared sometimes (2x) 

C9         G/B 
Sometimes (3x)… 


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