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Crying Shame

(Kostas & Raul Malo)

	  4/4 time    |    | = 1 measure 
|G   |D  C  |G  |D  C  |G   |D  C  |G   |D  C  | 
{First Verse} 
 |G                       |D           C      | {repeat for each line} 
                Wasn't I   Good  To    You 
                Didn't I   Show-----   It 
                And If I   Ever Hurt   You 
                I Didn't   Know-----   It 
              If You Think I  Don't    Care 
               Then You're Mist----a---ken 
               My Love Was Always---   There 
        But Now My Heart's  Brea-----  kin'    
 |G           |D               C      | 
    (Oh) Baby  Oh   What  A    Cryin'  
  Shame     To Let  It   All   Slip    
  Away     And Call      It    Yester 
  Baby     My  Life    Would   Be  So  
  Blue     And My Heart  Would Break In  
  Two          Oh   What   A   Crying 
  Shame       D              C 
{End Chorus} 
{Second Verse} 
 |G                 |D            C     | 
            'Cause I Believed  In You 
         From The Begin ---    ning 
           I Thought Our Love Was True 
     But Now Its All End ----     ing 
 |C    |D    |G   |C    |D   | 
 |G      |D         C           | 
          Oh What A Crying Shame 
       Oh What A Crying Shame 
          Oh What A Crying Shame 
       Oh What A Crying Shame 
 |G      |D         C           |  {Repeat And Fade}

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