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The Libertines

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Plan A

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	  INTRO RIFF      G-----7-7-7-7-7-6-5--5-6--7-7-7-7-7-7-6-5  

Theres one man left to thank 

Built it with his hands 
One man left to thank 
He didnt need to carve it into something 
Carve it into something new 
Carve it into something 

And theres plan A 
Take A seat A 
Watch them play 
Keep a reciept 
Sharpen up and carve them into something 
Carve it into something 
Carve em into something new 

Tell me what it is that you see 
With your stolen eyes 
And your singing one two three 
Open up my eyes 
my twin he tends to be me 
He walks aborad 
He like the broads 
While i soak and shake alone at home 
???Smash stones 
I dont need no bit of faith 
Need no human race 
Though i read every review 
No ones got a fucking clue 
Like to ???? 
And if you come from no where 
You'll end up straight back there 
You may aswell 
Carve carve carve it into something new 
Carve it into something 
Carve it into something new 

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