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Now That The Buffalos Gone Acordes

The Last Internationale



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Now That The Buffalos Gone

G  D  F   Em 
C  G  D A D D7 

G                      D 
  Can you remember the times? 
F                              Em 
  That you have held your head high 
    C                             G 
And told all your friends of your Indian claim 
D                    G 
Proud good Lady, and proud good Man 
     C                            G 
From great-great-grandmfather from Indian blood came 
        D            A               D 
And you feel in your heart for these ones 

         G                       D 
Oh, it's written in books and in songs 
     F                         Em 
That we've been mistreated and wronged 
      C               G 
Well, over and over I hear the same words 
     D                   G 
From you, good Lady, and you, good Man 
      C                   G 
Well, listen to me if you care where we stand 
        D             A             D 
And you feel you're a part of these ones 

       G                      D 
When a war between nations is lost 
    F                        Em 
The loser, we know, pays the cost 
    C                 G 
But even when Germany fell to your hands 
   D                    G 
Consider, dear Lady, consider, dear Man 
    C                              G 
You left them their pride, and you left them their land 
    D             A             D 
And what have you done to these ones? 

      G                        D 
Has a change come about, Uncle Sam? 
       F                    Em 
Or are you still taking our land? 
  C                      G 
A treaty forever, George Washington signed 
   D                  G 
He did, dear Lady, he did, dear Man 
        C                    G 
And the treaties are broken again and again 
    D             A            D 
And what will you do for these ones? 

         G                        D 
Oh, it's all in the past, you can say 
         F                     Em 
But it's still going on here today 
    C                        G 
The government now wants the Navaho lands 
D                  G 
That of the Inuit, and the Cheyenne 
         C                            G 
Oh, it’s here, and it's now, you must help us, dear Man, 
D                      G 
Now that the buffalo's gone! 

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