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Friday I'm In Love (ver. 2)

Intro (2X)  
D G D A  
Bm G D A  
Verse 1  
D           G  
I don't care if Monday's blue  
D           A  
Tuesday's gray and Wednesday too  
Bm           G  
Thursday, I don't care about you  
D                A  
It's Friday, I'm in love  
Verse 2  
D               G  
Monday you can fall apart  
D           A  
Tuesday, Wednesday break my heart  
Bm               G  
Oh, Thursday doesn't even start  
D              A  
It's Friday I'm in love  
G    D  
Saturday waits  
Bm    G  
Sunday always comes too late  
D       A  
But Friday never hesitates  
Verse 3  
D          G  
I don't care if Monday's black  
D          A  
Tuesday, Wednesday heart attack  
Bm         G  
Thursday never looking back  
D         A  
It's Friday I'm in love  
(One time through verse chords)  
Verse 4  
D       G  
Monday you can hold your head  
D       A  
Tuesday, Wednesday stay in bed  
Bm      G  
Oh Thursday watch the walls instead  
D        A  
It's Friday I'm in love  
Repeat Chorus  
"Middle Eight"  
Bm                       C 
Just look to the eyes (??)  
It's a wonderful surprise  
A                                                          Bm  
To see your shoes and your spirit shrines (??)  
                  C                                                                      D  
Throwing down your frown and just smiling at the sound  
                  A                                             Bm 
Sick as a sheep spinning 'round and 'round  
                                 C                                           D  
Always take a big bite, it's such a gorgeous site  
                    A                                          Bm 
To see you eat in the middle of the night  
                                   C                                       D  
You can never get enough, enough of this stuff  
It's Friday I'm in love  
Repeat verse 1  
Repeat verse 2  


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