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Fire In Cairo

Small Intro : F , F#  
Verse : A#m , G# , C# , G# , F#  (F# longer than other chords)  
Slowly fading blue  
The eastern hollows catch  
The dying sun  
Night time follows  
Silent and black  
Mirror pool mirrors  
The lonely place  
Where I meet you  
Bridge 1 : F , F#  
F        F#  
See your head  
       F      F#  
In the fading light  
    F           F#  
And through the dark  
     F          F#  
Your eyes shine bright  
Verse :  
And burn like fire  
Burn like fire in Cairo  
Burn like fire  
Burn like fire in Cairo  
Verse :  
Shifting crimson veil  
Silken hips slide  
Under my hand  
Swollen lips whisper my name  
And I yearn  
You take me in your arms  
And start to burn  
Bridge 2 : F , F# , G#  
Then the heat disappears  
And the mirage  
Fades away...  
Verse :  
Bridge 2 :  
Verse :  
Burn like a fire in Cairo  
Burn like a fire  
Blaze like a fire in Cairo  
Blaze like a fire  
Flare with a wonderful light  
Like a fire in Cairo  
Burn like fire  
Burn like  
Fire in Cairo  
Outro : F# , G# , A# 
Contribuição: Alexandre Nogueira Nascimento([email protected]) 


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