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That will be the day Acordes

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That will be the day

Well, that'll be the day, when you say goodbye, 
yes, that'll be the day, when you make me cry. 
Ah, you say you're gonna leave, you know it's a lie 'cause 
A                  E      A 
that'll be the day when I die! 
          D                                A 
Well, you give me all your lovin' and your turtle dovin', 
  D                                 A 
a-all your hugs and kisses and your money too. 
          D                      A 
Well, you know you love me baby, until you tell me, maybe, 
B7                   E 
that some day, well, I'll be through, well. 
(Instrumental:) D A D A D A E D A E 
      D                         A 
Well, when Cupid shot his dart, he shot it at your heart, 
D                      A 
so if we ever part and I leave you. 
D                           A 
You say you told me and you told me boldly, 
B7                 E 
that someday well, I'll be through.  
      D                        A 
well, that'll be the day, uhu, that'll be the day, 
     D                        A                   D A 
uhu, that'll be the day, uhu, that'll be the day. 


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